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    The Garner Fitness Supplies have put many years into sourcing a high-quality source for gym, fitness, sports equipment, accessories, affordable home & commercial range. Our range comes with decades of international experience and is recognized for its quality range and constant growth with the industry & market. We pride ourselves of giving a complete service with all the extra care, with fitness professionals holding decades of experience in the industry we strive to get you the best solution for YOU.

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High performance athlete, coach, personal trainer or training at home? Satisfy your strength training goals with the Force USA Monster G6 & G3. Strength, Power, Bodybuilding, Muscular Endurance, Glycolytic Efficiency, Concentric or Eccentric (Negative) training, Compound or Isolation, Plyometric, Slow Twitch or Fast Twitch Fibers training. All possible on the G6 & G3. The Monster G3 & G6 is an all-in-one comprehensive training solution. And with even further expansion potential, it’s the gym that grows with you.

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