5 Best Exercises To Do With A Power Tower

Not many are aware of the benefits or the exercises they can do with a power tower. If you are among them, continue reading.

A power tower, also known as a knee raise station, is a piece of workout equipment used to strengthen the upper body and abdominal muscles. They are available in a variety of weights and sizes to fit people of various body types.

There's room for this equipment in your fitness regime whether you're building an outstanding home gym or training at a commercial gym. Power tower exercises typically involve bodyweight, but with the correct additions, you can grow enormously. We'll go through a couple of power tower exercises that can provide an excellent full-body workout for you:

What is a Power Tower Workout?

While you might use free weights or a barbell for typical resistance training, Power Towers are designed to help you with — and even improve — bodyweight exercises.

When you're solely utilizing your body weight as resistance, you'll occasionally need something else to hang onto or utilize as leverage. This is where the Power Tower workout station comes in handy. It combines numerous bars of varying heights and angles to improve and simplify your calisthenics exercise in terms of dynamism.

Power Tower workouts can be done in a variety of ways. You can do full-body workouts or focus on push and pull days, upper and lower body days, and so on. This station can also be used to help with mobility training, allowing you to achieve more than you would with other gym equipment.



The tricep dip is one of the most well-known power tower exercises. The user can rest their hands or arms on the grips thanks to the tower's arms. As with all forms of the exercise, you stretch your triceps to elevate your entire body upwards and then relax them to return to the beginning position. Because there is no other point of contact between the body and the floor, it truly isolates the triceps. The triceps are responsible for all of the weight, which is difficult to duplicate in any other workout.


A leg raise station with back and arm pads is included with the power towers. They are comfortable to use since they are highly padded with foam or other materials. Furthermore, its leg raise station keeps your body in the proper position during the exercise. Additionally, if you lift your leg diagonally, you will be able to effectively exercise your oblique.


This isn't true of all towers, but many of them include handle features that allow you to execute push-ups on the tower's base. This implies that instead of just doing normal push-ups, you can add variety to your program by using these handles, making them *technically* a power tower workout!


Both of these power tower exercises are great for strengthening your back, as well as your shoulders and biceps. These movements will significantly increase your upper body pulling strength and they broaden the shoulders and back. There are numerous variations for both, such as altering the distance between your hands. This allows you to concentrate more on one muscle area and "attack" it from various angles.


Crunches, like push-ups, can be done anywhere, including on a power tower. On the tower, the crunch "station" is at the bottom of the frame. It's just a small crossbar that's about a foot or so off the ground. This is done to stabilize your lower body while doing crunches by hooking your bent legs over. Position yourself inside the two long parallel "feet," sling your legs over the crunch bar, and crunch away with good form to strengthen your ab muscles without putting any strain on your low back.

So those are the exercises you can do with the power tower, but what makes them truly unique is how they adapt to your body weight to give you an incredible workout. That has its own set of advantages.

One of the initial advantages of using bodyweight is the reduced risk of injury. Of course, it isn't risk-free, but the risk is decreased without the use of excessive and unnatural weights. Finally, if you employ power tower exercises to their greatest capacity, they can be an excellent way to workout. They're difficult to begin with, but as you progress, you'll notice significant changes.


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