Must Have Accessories For Your Home Gym

A common misconception about working out at home is that you require a lot of space even as much as dedicating a room for your workout sessions. While space can be an added amenity, it is not absolutely crucial to achieving your fitness goals. In order to stay fit from the confines of your own home, there are much smaller exercise devices that can prove to be an effective way to fit in an intense session of workout. From resistance bands to kettlebells, below is a roundup of all the small equipment to help you stay fit this summer:

  • Mini Looped Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most adaptable workout accessories available. You may use resistance bands to target your entire body and imitate most machine-based strength routines.

  • Jump Rope

Jumping rope is without a doubt one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises. It works your arms, shoulders, legs, and core while swiftly raising your heart rate. A rope also folds up quite compact, making it ideal for people with limited storage space or those who travel frequently.

  • Adjustable Dumbbells

Perhaps you prefer dumbbells over kettlebells, or maybe you enjoy using both for various exercises. In any case, having a big weight in your arsenal will allow you to improve on your strength. Furthermore, most individuals can use larger weights for lower-body training than upper-body work, so having both a lightweight and heavyweight choice available is a smart idea. Dumbbells with adjustable weights are a wonderful method to save space while getting a larger variety of weight possibilities.

  • Heavy Kettlebell

It's easier to only have one for stuff like swings and thrusters when you want a substantially bigger weight! A hefty kettle bell opens up a lot of possibilities. Squats, overhead presses, and deadlifts may all benefit from a big weight. Dawson Sports Competition Kettle Bells are compact sized equipment that make up for an excellent addition to your home gym set up

  • Good Gym Flooring

Whether it’s at the studio or in your home, it is necessary to carry out exercises on a comfortable and reliant flooring system. Gym flooring creates the optimal surface for the most strenuous workouts. It will greatly assist you in accelerating quickly, increasing traction, and providing superb shock absorption without the fear of an injury. While the Versa Fit Reversible is perfect for bigger spaces such as fitness studios, Garner’s Home and Fitness Rubber flooring makes for an ideal surface to carry out small workouts within your home. 

  • Weight Plates
Weight plates are a fantastic alternative to dumbbells and kettlebells, but they also offer a unique benefit: they build grip strength and core stability due to the manner you have to hold the plate on the edges, with all fingers actively engaged (typically in front of your chest). They may also be used as an elevated platform for push-ups. Garner offers a range of weight plates including Pro PU Bumper plates, Eco-friendly Rubber Bumper Plate and Standard among many others options.


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