Guide to Buying the Right Yoga Mat in Dubai

A good mat can make your yoga journey easier no matter where you are.

Years ago, there was only one basic type of yoga mat and your choice was in the colors of the mat. But now there is a yoga mat to suit every priority and preference you may have. 

Your yoga mat should be able to keep you stable in your poses, as well as being storable and portable while still being comfortable and soft. The thickness of your mat, the material it's composed of, and the roughness of its surface all have an impact on these facets of its personality. Use this guide to discover a yoga mat Dubai that will make you happy – one that fits your practice, priorities, lifestyle, values, and budget.

Types of Yoga Mat

  • Yoga mats with a sticky surface
  • Yoga mats with a sticky surface These anti-skid yoga mats are ideal for beginners who don't have a lot of control over their bodies when doing yoga asanas. They're even useful for people who sweat a lot and don't want to slip.

  • Yoga mats for travel
  • These are lightweight and fold easily, allowing you to take them with you wherever you go. They are not, however, suitable for daily use.

  • Yoga mats made of natural rubber
  • These yoga mats are ideal for individuals who want to lower their carbon footprint and contribute less to pollution. These mats are safe for persons with sensitive skin because they are composed of natural components.

  • Yoga mat made of jute
  • Because of the natural fundamental component, traditional yoga mat Dubai were made of jute. They aren't the most sturdy, but if you're searching for a low-cost solution, they'll suffice.

  • Yoga mat made of cotton
  • These are composed of thick cotton fabric and are ideal for people who want to wash their clothes on a regular basis. It's also a cost-effective choice to think about.

    What should you think about while purchasing a yoga mat?


    Yoga mat Dubai with a thickness of half to one inch is considered ideal. If you want additional comfort, go for thicker mats, but not more than 1.5 inches thick; otherwise, the essence of a yoga mat will be lost.


    You can choose from the types of yoga mats listed above to get the one that best suits your needs.


    It is critical that you select the texture carefully. If it's too coarse, you'll have trouble keeping your yoga positions for long periods of time. Also, it shouldn't be too slick, or you might fall off.

    Your Financial Situation

    Make a budget in your head ahead of time so you don't go over it when purchasing yoga mat Dubai. Making an educated guess at a price will aid you in making a better purchasing decision.

    Carrying Convenience

    If you're one of those fitness nuts who has to travel or practice their yoga sessions in a nearby park on a regular basis, you should invest in a yoga mat Dubai that comes with a carry bag so that you don't have any trouble transporting your mat.

    You have a thorough shopping guide for yoga mat Dubai with you. Garner has a wide variety of yoga mats so you can choose the greatest option for your needs. 


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