Sep 2019

As home gym equipment suppliers, we know how challenging it can be for individuals to decide what items to include in their personal workout room. Every machine has its benefits, so it is essential first to consider your exercise/weight-loss goals. By doing this, you will find it easier to be on the lookout for items that are going to help you reach your goals.

That being said, every workout room needs something to get your heart pumping. So, to help you ascertain which one is right for you, read on for four cardio machines to have in your home gym.

1. Treadmill

As the most common cardio machine in a home gym, treadmills are remarkably effective pieces of equipment. They offer low-impact and high-impact cardio training, so having a treadmill in your home can help you improve your overall fitness. 

Generally, all treadmills are equipped with features that enable you to customize the workout. For example, you can make it harder by adjusting the speed, or mimic a real-world situation by increasing the incline. Furthermore, you can program timed intervals of different speeds, which is beneficial for everyone – no matter your fitness level.

Treadmills are fantastic pieces of equipment because they enable your bones to benefit from some impact while not being as intense as if you were running outside. Their versatility (you can always just stick to walking!) combined with the fact that you can save space by purchasing one that folds away ensures that this is going to be an enduring piece of cardio equipment in home gyms around the world. 

2. Elliptical

If you are looking for a low-impact cardio machine, then an elliptical is about as low as you can go. In fact, they are even recommended for individuals who are suffering from arthritis. Therefore, you can be assured that working out on an elliptical means there is a low chance of you getting an injury. 

Whether you opt to walk or run on the machine, the pedals will move in an elliptical path. If you are considering getting an elliptical, look for one that has pedals that can be used in reverse, as this will help you to engage a broader range of muscles. Additionally, you want one with moving handles so that you can target your arms as well.

Unlike using a treadmill, you vary the resistance rather than the speed when you are operating an elliptical. Therefore, when you reduce the amount of effort you are expending, the pedals of the elliptical will slow down (and vice-versa when you increase the amount of effort). This makes the elliptical slightly safer than a treadmill, but also requires more self-discipline to maintain a high level of energy.

3. Rowing machine

With the potential to provide a serious cardio workout, rowing machines can activate all the principal muscle groups in the body (arms, legs, back, and core) as long as it is used correctly. 

In fact, after just a few minutes working out on a rowing machine, you will notice your heart rate rapidly rising. Given that a rowing machine can accommodate a full-body, low-impact workout that almost every individual can benefit from – it is an excellent cardio machine to have in your home gym.

Consider this: a rowing machine burns more calories per minute than any other cardio machine while providing a full-body workout and being low-impact for your joints. Not to mention that you can find a style that can be conveniently collapsed and stored away as well. 

To ensure you are getting the best workout possible, look for a rowing machine that tracks your stats and also connects to your heart rate monitor. 

4. Indoor bike

Indoor bikes are ideal for home gyms because they are versatile and can provide a wide range of benefits. These stationary bikes permit you to obtain all the cardio benefits of a cycling outing without having to leave the house (perfect for cold winters!). 

Just like regular bikes, indoor bikes focus on your leg muscles, while also engaging your core. When looking at fitness bikes online, you can find air bikes which utilize a fan to produce resistance and recumbent exercise bikes which permit you to pedal from a semi-reclined position. 

The most popular piece of equipment, though, is probably the spin bike, which is most comparable to a regular bike and has rapid gear changes. 

If you are looking to do interval training, then exercise bikes are especially suitable. Spin bikes are guaranteed to help you reach your workout goals as they can quickly ramp up to an intense workout just by changing gears but maintaining the RPM. 

As long as you set up your bike correctly, then exercise bikes enable your legs to be worked hard with minimal impact on your joints. That being said, if you aren't in the mood for an intense workout, indoor books are versatile enough that you can pedal lightly while watching a movie or reading a magazine.

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