MyRack Folding Power Rack


We recommend starting with at least one J-hook, and Safety option.

J hooks and mono lift

    Force USA MyRack J-Hook Option 1
    The Force USA MyRack Standard J-Hook is essential for all power racks, the standard J-Hook is made from 8mm steel with solid pin rods and has a weight rating of 800kg (static tested). The J-Hooks are nylon coated to prevent...
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    Force USA MyRack J-Hook Option 2
    The Force USA MyRack Deluxe J-Hook is an upgrade from the Standard J-Hook also available. The Deluxe version is a bulky and stronger J-Hook, weight rated to 1200kg (static tested). The Deluxe version also includes nylon that covers the entire...
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    MyRack Mono-Lift Option
    The Force USA MyRack Mono-Lift attachment is the first of its kind in Australia and offers a great cost-effective alternative to the expensive, full-scale monolift units. The Mono-Lift helps you achieve your heaviest power lifts by removing the need for...
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  • Safety

    Force USA MyRack Safety Option 1 (Pin)
    The Force USA MyRack Pin and Pipe Safety is a throwback to the old school way to go. Pin and Pipe Safety systems have been used in the strongest gyms around the world for one reason: they are simple to...
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    Force USA MyRack Safety Option 2 (Box Tube)
    The Force USA Box Tube Safety is a great upgrade from the Pin & Pipe safety. Easily adjustable inside the rack and with nylon covers to protect your barbell makes the Box Tube Safety one of the most user-friendly safety...
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    Force USA MyRack Safety Option 3 (Front half safeties)
    The Force USA Front Rack Half Saftey is an easily adjustable spotting arm adding instant peace of mind to your training space. The spotter arms also offer nylon covers to protect your barbell and the knurling while being completely interchangeable...
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    Force USA MyRack Safety Option 4 (Slings)
    The Force USA Sling option offers a simple and reliable solution for protecting both your body and your equipment during even the heaviest lifts. As an advantage over some pin/pipe and flip-down safety systems, you can mount the ends of...
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  • Other Accessories

    Force USA MyRack Weight Plate Holders
    The Force USA MyRack Weight Plate Holders are sold in packs of 4 and because the storage sleeves fit anywhere on your rack, you have the versatility to store Standard (32mm) and Olympic (50mm) weight plates or bumpers.   The MyRack is...
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    Force USA MyRack Dip Handle Attachment
    Unlike a majority of power rack dip stations on the market, the Force USA MyRack Dip Station can be fixed anywhere on the rack both on the front and back of the uprights or even on the side which is...
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    Force USA MyRack Core Trainer Attachment (T-bar Row)
    The Force USA MyRack Core Trainer is a great addition to your power rack. It is suited for all types of rotational torso training, including a range of upper body training. This is definitely a favourite of many people who...
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    Force USA MyRack Band Pegs
    The Force USA MyRack Band Pegs come in a set of four. powder coated band pegs, they can add a wide range of resistance band training options and storage functionality to an existing MyRack power rack.   SPECIFICATIONS Force USA...
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  • Myrack Benches

    Force USA Commercial FID Bench
    The Force USA COMFID is a Flat / Incline / Decline Gym Bench forged in the USA to cater to the high standards of upscale commercial gym centers. It is designed to endure heavy loads and heavy use. KEY FEATURES...
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    MyRack FID Bench with Arm and Leg Developer
    The Force USA MyBench is a heavy-duty flat/incline/decline bench designed to fit perfectly with your MyRack. Adjust from flat to incline and decline with the full laser cut adjustment system to perform all of your favourite exercises.   KEY FEATURES Laser-cut steel...
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    Force USA Heavy Duty Commercial Flat Bench
    The Flat Bench is the cornerstone of any gym. Perform all of your favorite free weight exercises with the knowledge that you are using a safe and strong bench. Built to exceed commercial standards, the Force USA Commercial Flat Bench is one...
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  • Review & Add to Cart

    Your Custom My Rack:

    3,200.00 AED

    Garner Fitness Supplies

    Out of stock


    You want a power rack that is Space Saving, Versatile, and Customizable? Introducing the innovative Force USA MyRack Folding Power Rack System.

    Why settle for an off-the-shelf power rack when you can have one that folds to save space when not in use and is also custom-built just for you?

    The First Full Folding Power Rack of Its Kind

    Unlike competing folding half racks, our patented full rack design doesn’t need to mount to a wall, offers more interior working space, and holds twice the weight.

    The Folding MyRack can be used to perform squats, bench presses, overhead presses, deadlifts, and more.

    Why Choose the Folding MyRack?

    • Convenience – Innovative fold-away design for tight spaces.
    • Speed – Lightning-fast set-up time with pop-pin technology.
    • Stability – Industrial-strength construction to maximize safety.
    • Durability– Backed by a lifetime structural warranty.
    • Capacity – The base unit is rated to hold up to 2,000 lbs!
    • Customizable – Choose from 10 separate attachments.
    • Versatility – Perform over 50 different exercise variations.
    MyRack Folding Power Rack

    Whether you train weightlifting, powerlifting, Crossfit®, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics or just want to build muscle or burn fat, the Folding MyRack is 100% customizable so you can take your workout to the next level.

    Start with the bulletproof Folding MyRack base unit forged with precision welded, laser cut 12 gauge steel.

    The Folding MyRack features westside spacing with 54 different numbered adjustment points to perfectly position any size user for bench press, squats and more. The lower bench level heights have 1-inch spacing while the squat height levels have 2-inch spacing.

    See the Folding Myrack In Action!

    100's of Different Configurations

    Next customize your Folding MyRack with 10 different optional attachments including dip handles, landmine rows, J-hooks, safeties, and even a monolift attachment to unlock 100's of different configurations!

    The Folding MyRack has been engineered and tested to meet our rigorous safety standards and weight ratings. So, you’re guaranteed the safest, highest quality folding power rack available.

    And, we stand behind every Folding MyRack Power Rack we sell with our ironclad lifetime structural warranty. When buying Force USA, you're buying the best folding power rack system money can buy!

    Base Rack Specifications:

    • Laser-cut steel construction
    • Assembled Dimensions – 41" D x 49" W x 86" H
    • Folded Dimensions– 20" D x 52" W x 84" H
    • Extra-sturdy Steel Construction
    • 12 GA Steel Uprights
    • Westside spacing
    • 54 adjustment points front and back
    • 5/8" accessory holes
    • 2.4" x 2.4" uprights
    • Lifetime structural warranty
    • Product Weight – 176 lbs.
    • Arrives in 3 separate boxes

    Base Rack Weight Rating:

    • 2,000 lbs

    Questions and Answers

    Q: What gauge steel does the Folding MyRack have

    The Folding MyRack combines 12 gauge steel, 2.4" uprights, and 10 gauge support brackets that have been static weight tested to hold up to 2,000 lbs. Our proven engineering makes our MyRack as sturdy as an 11 gauge rack. This allows us to pass on the savings to you without any compromise in structural integrity or quality.

    Q: What attachments come with the MyRack base

    The customizable Folding MyRack includes a built-in multi-grip chin up bar.

    Q: What attachments are recommended to start

    Because the chin up bar is built into the unit, we recommend starting with a J-hook and Safety option.

    Q: What is the shipping weight

    The shipping weight of this item—including boxes, packing materials and pallet—is approximately 180 lbs. It is delivered in 2 separate boxes by a freight trucking company. Each additional attachment you purchase will be a separate box.

    Q: What is the minimum ceiling height I need

    The Folding MyRack is designed to specifically fit residential basements, rooms, and garages with low ceilings. The minimum ceiling height to be able to do a full pull up with your head above the bar is 96”.

    Q: Does it come assembled

    No, this unit requires assembly. All necessary tools and instructions are included in the box and can be assembled in less than an hour.

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