The Best Exercise Equipment to Burning Belly Fat

After nearly a year of time at home, it is not hard to notice the extra few pounds in the form of visceral fat or popularly known as belly fat. It is not always easy to shift this stubborn weight off the body and may take more than just a simple diet and low impact exercises to work. While resistance training is key to any effective weight loss fitness program, cardio exercise machines can also prove to be particularly useful for getting rid of excess fat. Dropping the belly fat is not complicated when done the correct way and with the right kind of exercise equipment. 


Cardio machines can play a highly important role in working the belly to burn calories and fat. These machines offer a range of fat burning rates as it varies from a minimum of 10 calories per minute to a maximum of 17 calories per minute. This can help significantly lose the weight. An important thing to note is that burning calories is not limited to a particular area of the body such as belly area and can have a wider influence than needed. In addition to these there can be many things that should be remembered before purchasing a cardio exercise machine to lose stomach fat. These can range from the preference of exercise, availability of space or budget among many others. 

Below we’ve compiled the best exercise machines to lose the tummy fat with:


Walking at a steady pace is one of the easiest ways to lose calories without putting too much strain on your joints. Running on a treadmill has been shown to burn the most calories of any cardio exercise machine, and it is one of the most effective ways to lose belly fat especially if you are using the Free Form treadmill. You can burn calories for overall fat loss while running on a treadmill,  and target belly fat beneath your stomach muscles.

Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical trainer is a low-impact exercise machine that is ideal for losing stomach fat and toning your body. Elliptical Trainer has a dual-purpose design that involves upper and lower body exercises. It works the hamstrings, quadriceps, chest, back, chest, and biceps. This means that you can lose more fat if there are more muscles involved. This cross-training workout will raise your heart rate while also working your legs and arms. To truly lose belly fat, get comfortable on the elliptical trainer and gradually increase your pace and machine resistance.

Stationary Bike

Cycling on a stationary bike aids in the reduction of belly fat by strengthening body muscles, particularly those of the abdomen. Cycling on a stationary bike not only burns calories and fat efficiently, but it also tones your legs, thighs, and buttocks. Vortex V700 Spin Bikes are perfect for this kind of exercises due to its durable and resistant nature. Pedalling hard on a stationary bike, rather than crunching abs, is more likely to help you lose an extra inch around your middle.

Rowing Machine

Rowing machines burn 11 calories per minute, which is more than any other cardio machine, to provide a complete body workout. Machines such as the Free Form R2000 can work out the entire body because it has an effective mechanism for increasing heart rate and strengthening the upper, lower, and core areas. 


Picking out the equipment that delivers on your set expectations can be very important to your fitness journey. It's necessary to be fully sure before committing to an equipment. Garner Gym Equipment will help you stay on track with your weight loss goals. We provide you with all of the belly fat burning tools you'll need to lose weight in your midsection and get a more toned and shaped body. To achieve your fitness goals faster, take advantage of the fat loss assistance provided by our friendly team of experts.


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