The Ultimate Guide on Buying the Best Barbells in Dubai

What is a Barbell?

A barbell is usually considered the most basic and recognizable gym equipment but it can also be one of the most complex pieces to master. Simply put, a barbell is a piece of exercise equipment consisting of a long bar, usually with varying weights attached at each end. It is used in weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting and serves as the foundation of true strength training. Buying a quality barbell weight set is a long-term investment making it necessary to ensure that you’re buying the right fit. Not to mention that the right bar will help you avoid the bigger issues since they can warp, bend, rust, and break.


Besides being a fun and challenging workout, resistance training with barbells has many health benefits, a few of which last long-term. You can do a number of workouts with a bar including squats, bench press, barbell row, shoulder press, deadlifts and much more. Barbells as an equipment also allow you to move more weight than you could with a dumbbell since both your hands are fixed on the bar.  Its benefits, however, are not limited to physical improvements offering many mental advantages too. Lifting weights makes you stronger allowing you to do things will lesser effort which ultimately boosts confidence and productivity as well. Some of the other reasons why barbells are ideal for you are:

They save time. 

The barbell exercises offer an overall workout because they each utilize multiple muscle groups meaning you get a total body workout by doing straightforward basic lifts.

They improve athletic performance.

When you initially start doing a barbell exercise, your body will be predominantly focused on form. You'll learn how to move an object efficiently by combining all of your muscles. You'll also be required to combine balance and coordination, which isn’t solely possible with machines.

They're affordable. 

Many people prefer the convenience of working out at home, but the cost of the necessary equipment and machinery deters them. Because barbell workouts only require two items: a bar and weights, setting up a home gym becomes more feasible than before.

They're versatile. 

With the ability to improve both strength and cardio, barbells provide the ideal amount of work to train your muscles and gain mass and size while also allowing for more rapid movements without causing major overload.


When it comes to choosing a weight bar that is appropriate for strenuous lifts, the barbell is often a choice for many. However, there can be multiple types of barbells and finding the perfect one makes all the difference.  It can help you not only progress your strength training but also supplement your compound lifts while working to improve any old injuries. If you aren’t sure which barbell is right for you, follow our guide below to determine the best:

Straight Barbells

The most commonly used bars are the straight barbells. Compound exercises such gym squats, bench presses, and deadlifts can all be done with these two-handed weight bars. They vary in length starting at around 4ft going up to 7ft, thickness that ranges between 2”sleeve and 1”sleeve and finally these can weigh anywhere between 17kg and 20kg. The Gunner Barbell designed in the USA is a powerful, multipurpose barbell ideal for experienced lifters. Force USA also offers the Freedom Barbell specifically designed for the female athletes to meet their needs. 

Ez Curl Bars

Curl bars, also known as EZ curl bars, are angled weight bars that are typically 4 feet long. They have a lot of advantages, even though they aren't appropriate for squats. The biggest benefit of using an angled grip when lifting is that it relieves tension on your wrists and elbows. Olympic EZ Curl Bar can be an affordable option to exercise biceps as well as triceps, forearms and chest. 

Olympic Barbells

These are a special kind of bars that may be similar to the standard one but have some minor variations. Designed to support the weightlifting needs of Olympic athletes, these have a greater whip or bounce and are able to enhance performance with reduced risk of injury. One of the most recommended barbells in Dubai is the Force USA 20Kg Olympic Barbell due to its solid construction and effective design allowing for extreme workouts. 

While the knowledge of the types is obviously useful, it may not be not enough. It is also important to know the many features of a barbell such as the barbell sleeve, bar’s whip, knurling, load capacity among other things to determine the suitable one for yourself. Garner offers you a full range of barbells with a wide variety of choices in terms of the barbell features. In case of any enquiries, their expert customer service team can further assist you in making the best choice for your workout needs.


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