Dumbbells Dubai: Everything There is to Know

Dumbbells Dubai

It doesn’t take a fitness expert to know that dumbbells are one of the most popular and commonly known fitness equipment. Regular gym-goers are aware of benefits of incorporating these highly portable and effective equipment into their fitness regime. But picking out the best dumbbell for your distinct needs and personal goals can be a little baffling. Follow our guide below to discover which dumbbell is the best fit for you!

What are dumbbells good for?

Dumbbell workouts have come to be a timeless and necessary addition to an effective exercise session. Perfect for upper body strength training, the best dumbbells can also provide a full body workout, get you fit, boost metabolism and build muscle all at once. Furthermore, many individuals often have limited mobility in joints like the shoulders, elbows and wrists. In such instances, dumbbell exercises ensure greater range of motion than other equipment such as barbells helping you not just restore joint mobility but also build comparatively more muscle. 

The best types of Dumbbells

From weighing as little as 1 Kg to as much as 300 Kgs there can be many different types of dumbbells. In summary, these two dumbbells are the must haves of your home gym equipment or even professional fitness studio:

  • Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are probably the most common type of dumbbells used frequently by the pros and an essential for even the beginners. These versatile instruments consist of a bar of metal with an incredible hand grip. Weight plates can be adjusted without manually adding or removing them. These compact dumbbells can be entirely customized to your fitness goal allowing for greater flexibility. Brands such as Force USA, Bowflex Dumbbells, Power Block offer this range. One of the best adjustable dumbbells is the Force USA DialTech Elite where users can enjoy the functionality of 13 dumbbells in one minimal and compact design. A simple twist shifts the weight from 5Kg to 32.5 Kg eliminating the need to change the weights between sets. 

  • Fixed Weight Dumbbells

As the name suggests, these gym-style dumbbells have fixed weights designed for specific workouts. Fixed weight dumbbells are often made from cast-iron and might be coated with neoprene or rubber for increased convenience. Rubber dumbbells are robust and much better equipped to withstand use for years. While these can be round, hexagon shaped dumbbells make a much superior option for floor-based circuits such as pushups where more stability would be needed. Rubber Hex Dumbbell pairs from Force USA feature heavy duty structural integrity and a ‘Class A’ rating for intensive workout sessions. 

While there maybe many types of dumbbells to pick out from, most fall within these two broad categories. Before picking one, it is best to understand which one fits your lifestyle and fitness aims better. From the explanation above, it is clear that adjustable dumbbells offer more flexibility whether they are for home or gyms however, fixed weight allows for more specialized workouts. You can shop your preferred dumbbell set exclusively on Garner providing the highest quality of both adjustable and fixed weight hex dumbbells at convenient prices across the GCC.



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