Everything to know about Spin Bike Workouts

Cycling can be an excellent form of exercise, helping improve joint mobility, increase cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength while ensuring decreased stress levels. Unfortunately, it is often limited by the weather or other external factors. This shouldn't mean our fitness routines come to a pause. Whether at home or gym centers, we can still reap the benefits of cycling through the use of spin bikes. Continue down below to find out everything there is to know about spinning bikes and where to get the best fit in Dubai. 


Spin bikes have been designed to mimic the cycling bikes ridden outside. They feature a heavy flywheel at the front of the bike, responsible for determining the type of workout you are going for. Controlling the resistance levels, the flywheel can create both an easy-going riding experience if you are a beginner or an intense one if you are looking to boost your core strength.  


Spin bikes are popularly known to provide full-body workouts and are particularly effective at strengthening the hips, thighs, calves, abs as well as shoulders. In fact, most long-hour training sessions allow you to burn around 650 to 1000 calories based on your weight, age, fitness level, and gender. Furthermore, a spin bike can help:

  • Boost cardio fitness
  • Cycling on a spin bike significantly strengthens your heart, lungs, and muscles while improving oxygen and blood flow across the body.

  • Can help with weight loss
  • It is no surprise that spin bikes are good for weight loss with workouts. Spin bikes make up for an excellent exercise to burn calories and fat, especially since one can stand and cycle on these too.

  • Provides a low-impact workout
  • A stationary bike workout is a comparatively low-impact workout, especially for people with joint issues or injuries, since it strengthens the bones without straining them much. 

  • Strengthens legs and lower body muscles
  • Riding a spin bike can help build strength in your legs and lower body, especially when applying higher resistance. Using a bike with handles also ensures a workout for the upper body muscles, including biceps, triceps, and shoulders. 


    There are generally four different types of stationary bikes: Spinning, upright, recumbent, and dual-action. Each one offers its own benefits and should be assessed to determine the best fit for your fitness studio or at-home gym. 

    Spin Bike

    The internet is filled with Spin Bike vs. Upright Bikes articles due to the common confusion between the two. Spin bikes are designed to simulate riding a real sports bike. The user has to bend forward, and the flywheels are heavier, so it resembles peddling on a real motorcycle. Schwinn, Vortex, and Sole Fitness are some of the best providers of upright bikes. In fact, the Vortex v700 Spin Bike designed in the USA is a highly heavy-duty and durable frame, ensuring the most intense and stable workout session. Its Typhonic Rev Generation 4 drive mechanism connects to a 20kg Flywheel, providing a high-performance session for users. 

    Upright bike

    Another popular stationary bike is the upright exercise bike. It's similar to a regular bicycle, however usually not as intense as the spin bike with higher handlebars and more resistance options. These provide a great cardio workout while also strengthening your leg and core muscles. Schwinn, Sole Fitness, and Finnlo bikes are some brands with this option.

    Recumbent bike

    Many of us may have heard of it but aren't sure what a recumbent bike is or what muscles does a recumbent bike work?  With a recumbent exercise bike, you sit in a comfortable reclined position on a larger seat that's positioned back from the pedals. This type of bike puts less stress on your upper body, joints, and low back, all while ensuring a satisfactory workout of your lower body. Schwinn recumbent bike, Catrike bikes, Hasse bikes are some brands known for their recumbent bike offerings. 

    Dual-action bike

    A dual-action exercise bike is the least like a regular road bicycle. It has handlebars that move back and forth to target your upper body muscles. So, while you're pedaling and working your legs, you're also able to get a solid upper body workout. Gorilla sports dual action air bike, Proform whirlwind dual action bike, and Schwinn airdyne bikes are popular brands of this type.

    While all stationary bikes hold their own set of benefits, it has been evident that spinning bikes can offer a more intense workout while effectively substituting an actual on-road cycling session. If you do decide to purchase a spinning bike, it's necessary to ascertain how you will use it. The best spin bikes for sale in Dubai can be found on Garner. The specialized gym equipment supplier has the best spin bikes for home as well as studios and can help you determine the perfect fit for your fitness needs.


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